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UK Shared Prosperity Fund through Wiltshire Council

HELP Counselling Services has received funding to launch a workplace wellbeing programme for 2024, designed to help people with mental health issues who are struggling at work. The Charity has received £39,050 from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, secured through Wiltshire Council.

The new ‘Workplaces Counselling’ programme offers early intervention counselling sessions for a broad range of employers within Wiltshire, including small businesses and sole traders.

From June 17th employers can register their interest for their employees to receive 8 free sessions of counselling for a range of issues:

Thank you to Wiltshire Council for the funding from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. This is a fantastic initiative to promote emotional wellbeing in Wiltshire by giving businesses the tools to support their employees mental health. Together with our program partners we will offer a range of proven resources to build resilience, encourage openness and provide support where it’s needed.

Amanda Wilkes
Executive Director of HELP Counselling Services

Once registered we provide an online open session for selected Wiltshire Businesses to hear more about the project and how they can support their employees. Together with our partners Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Wiltshire MIND & Open Minds, the project aims to support employers and employees, to reduce stigma of mental health issues, sustain employment and improve mental wellbeing in our communities.

Following the open session employees will be able to contact the HELP Counselling Services directly to set up sessions with one of our professionally trained counsellors and start on the road of emotional wellbeing.

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