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Reg Charity No: 297034

Established 1983


Why Support HELP Counselling Services?

Mental health problems can affect anyone, rich or poor, young or old, shattering the lives of those affected and the lives of the people close to them.

Each week...

  • 104 people in the UK will take their own lives.
  • 2,038 adults will be admitted to a mental health hospital in England, resulting in about 
  • 5 million bed days per year.

Every year...

  • 33 million prescriptions for antidepressants are written in England and 16 million for sleeping pills, anti-anxiety drugs or tranquillisers.
  • The total cost of mental health problems in England is estimated at £77 billion.

In our lives...

  • One in four of us will experience mental distress at some point in a year. That's someone you know.
  • Depression will be the second leading cause of global disability by 2020.

HELP Counselling Services…

Has helped over 5,000 people suffering from emotional and mental health problems in West Wiltshire by giving free or low cost counselling and support.

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